Oct 18 2018

The Indispensables


Trisha and Symantha (Sam), our Veterinary Technicians

By: Dr. Tibor Toman

What is the fabric of a veterinary clinic made of? In the eyes of most pet owners, it is probably the smiling face greeting them at the reception or answering the phone; the doctors – trained and knowledgeable, palpating and prodding; exam tables, needles, stethoscopes, cotton jars and bottles with mysterious fluids; the smell of disinfectant and distant barking from “somewhere at the back”… 
What about the connecting elements that make all these above click together into one highly functional unit, which eventually brings answers to questions, solutions to problems, that comforts the worried pet owner and brings relief to the sick and weak furry family member? What is it that helps to create a seemingly smooth flow of procedures in this complex mechanism as we know veterinary clinics today?
There is a team of skilled, caring and dedicated people that swiftly move between wards and exam rooms, assist the doctors, hug and snuggle with timid pets, draw blood samples, clean wounds, operate blood analyzers, monitor vital signs, wipe up “accidents”, administer therapy, tidy up cages and treatment areas, sterilize instruments, educate clients, run tests, dispense medication, and the list goes on and on… Veterinary technicians play an essential role in our healthcare team. They answer your questions out front or on the phone, you meet them in the exam room, but most of the time they operate “behind the curtains”, making sure not only that our patients are always safe and comfortable and receive exceptional care, and a lots of hugs, but also, that every technical procedure in the daily operation of the vet hospital is performed efficiently and professionally.
Our enthusiastic, skilled and compassionate technicians, Symantha and Trisha are the core of our team. They are the ones to thank for each happily wagging tail coming out on the treatment area door at the end of the day, for every comfortably curled up cat in their cozy “hospital bed”, for every gently placed IV catheter and caringly bandaged paw with a heart-shaped sticker. 
This week is National Veterinary Technician Week – it is the time to celebrate Symantha, Trisha and all of their colleagues who through their dedication make everything we do possible and rewarding. 


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