Operations during COVID-19

In a continued effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 and to protect both our pet parents as well as our team, we have made changes to our hours and manner of operation.

For the time being, our clinic hours remain as they have been for the past few weeks:


8:30 AM – 5 PM

The clinic is closed on Saturdays and Sundays

(however, we can be reached by phone)

  • The clinic doors are now locked, but we are still open! We will meet you in front of the clinic to take your pet for an exam or treatment.
  • We are seeing our patients wearing personal protective equipment. *
  • No walk-ins for anything: please call ahead of time if you would like to pick up medication or food, we will hand it over to you in front of the clinic.
  • We are now offering telemedicine appointments. Some follow-ups and consults can be done remotely. We can’t vaccinate or do surgery remotely, but there are common conditions that can reasonably be diagnosed and managed from a distance, especially with the use of photos and videos from pet parents.
  • Electronic payments only (credit, debit, e-transfer), no cash payments!
  • When possible, we might advise that routine appointments be postponed. We are focusing on the continuity and quality care of all our medical cases.
  • Our supplier has been working around the clock to keep up with demand. Please allow extra time for your food orders: it takes up to a week to get some of the diets in.

We keep diligently washing our hands and disinfecting all surfaces after every patient. We are also physically distancing here at the clinic whenever possible.

* If you haven’t visited us recently, this has been the latest fashion:

We are taking rigorous measures to minimize the risk of coronavirus transmission and to keep you, our team and everyone’s families safe. Our personal protective equipment consists of:

  • A freshly washed gown which we change between each patient. As an environmentally conscious bunch, we opted for reusable, washable gowns rather than disposable ones. It takes a bit more work to keep a stock of freshly washed gowns, but we believe it is well worth it.
  • A set of goggles for eye protection which are disinfected between patients along with our stethoscopes, glasses, pens and any exam instruments.
  • A surgical mask to protect you, your pet and us from potential exposure.
  • Strict hand-washing hygiene has always been a part of our in-hospital infection prevention. We have opted not to wear disposable gloves and focus on thorough hand washing with antimicrobial soap between touching patients and surfaces.

Once again, we say thank you to all of you, our pet parents, for all your understanding, support and cooperation in these unprecedented and difficult times.

Despite our locked doors and physical distancing, we are here for you and your furry family members and you can count on our help whenever you need it.

Stay home, stay healthy and keep in touch!


Your P.E.A.C. Team

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Prince Edward Animal Clinic
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Phone: 416.236.2202
Email: [email protected]

We are proud to serve the residents of Etobicoke, Toronto, Islington and surrounding communities.

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