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Staff group picture - Prince Edward Animal Clinic

Dr Toman founded Prince Edward Animal Clinic in the spring of 2006 in the lovely Kingsway neighbourhood of Etobicoke. “After working in the veterinary field for several years” says Dr. Toman „I came to the conclusion that – if we treat our pets as family members – it is certainly not the right way to take care of their medical needs in estranged, busy, high volume, sales-oriented facilities, that often make the pet owner feel as if he or she entered a supermarket and not a place where the pet’s well-being is the primary concern. We (humans) all prefer to have family doctors, that we fully trust, not just because they know us by our names, but also because they treat us as their individual patients, always keeping in mind our previous medical and family history and special concerns.”

This is the way we look at things at Prince Edward Animal Clinic: when people walk in at the front door with their pets, they expect to see a familiar, friendly face at the reception, who will recognize them. They expect to be seen by the doctor they know, and who remembers what was wrong with their pet last time… Fulfilling these expectations, combined with the state-of-the-art facility is what we bring to our patients and our clients.



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