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Cat Boarding

As opposed to dogs, cats are happier to stay home alone and just take visits from a pet sitter while you are on vacation, than to be placed in kennels – as the unfamiliar environment, the smell of other animals, and noise (barking etc.) can make this quite stressful for them. However, there are situations, when owners have no other choices (moving, renovation, fumigation etc.), but it can be difficult to find an adequate boarding place for cats. To help our clients in these situations, we accept our feline patients as boarders. We provide clean and comfortable accommodation for them, as well as the affectionate care from our staff, until their owners can come and pick them up again… We do not board dogs, but we can recommend a number of boarding kennels in the area.

House Calls

Our clinic normally doesn’t offer house calls on regular basis, as there is a number of limitations that make them less adequate when compared to an examination at the hospital (availability of staff, instruments etc.). However, the Doctor sometimes makes an exception when an elderly or disabled person requires veterinary care for his/her pet. These visits have to be arranged on individual basis with the Doctor.

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