Dr. Toman is checking up a cat with assistance from Rebecca

Our primary goal at Prince Edward Animal Clinic is to prevent illness and keep our patients healthy and happy. The emphasis on preventive medicine is equally important in puppies and kittens (counselling regarding diet, prevention of infective and parasitic diseases etc.) as in our geriatric patients (where wellness testing and thorough and regular physical examination becomes even more important than in previous life stages).

However, if a problem occurs and illness happens, we are there for you to provide prompt, professional and efficient service when your critter is sick. Our experience and expertise in general small animal practice, supported by the clinic’s on-site diagnostic equipment is at your service six days a week.

Our in-house laboratory and IDEXX blood analyzers are crucial tools to get test results fast, within an hour or less for most blood tests. If necessary, the doctor can take radiographs on our high-frequency x-ray machine. We can monitor our patients’ blood pressure with our Ultrasonic Doppler Flow Detector or make an ECG if a cardiac problem is suspected.

For those patients who need extended treatment, monitoring or constant care, we will provide hospitalization 24/7.

In case the doctor suggests that your pet needs to be assessed by a specialist or if a technologically more sophisticated diagnostic tool (such as an ultrasound, endoscopy, CT or MRI) is needed, we can arrange an appointment either on our premises or at a referral clinic.

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