Dr. Tibor Toman

Dr. Toman is holding a cat


Dr. Toman founded Prince Edward Animal Clinic in 2006, envisioning a personal, family doctor type approach to patients and their people, in a state-of-the-art facility, with the goal of providing high quality and complete veterinary care, while always prioritizing openness and empathy. Thorough, clear communication is in his focus, and he takes his time explaining important details. A proponent of the One Health concept, he prefers to see your pet as part of your family and also of the environment, amalgamating scientific knowledge with common sense.

His areas of particular interest include internal medicine, soft tissue surgery and dentistry, as well as further development of a gentle handling, patient-friendly practice style.


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Prince Edward Animal Clinic
1 Chestnut Hills Crescent
Etobicoke, ON M9A 2W3
Phone: 416.236.2202
Email: [email protected]

We are proud to serve the residents of Etobicoke, Toronto, Islington and surrounding communities.

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