Dario - our support staff

Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant

“Are you Dr. Toman’s son?” ranks first on Dario’s FAQ list – and the answer is yes! Dario has been a team member at Prince Edward Animal clinic from its very first days. Being part of the family at a family run practice has meant growing up at the clinic for Dario – after school studying,  cuddling with pets, and even sleeping on a fold out bed in the back during a particularly bad cold have all made 2903 Bloor St West his second home. Since finishing high school, Dario has been working at the clinic as a receptionist and veterinary assistant between classes.

His second most frequent FAQ is “Are you going to be a vet too?”, to which the answer is unfortunately no. Dario is currently finishing his Bachelors at the University of Toronto, where he studies Economics, Math, and German. Nonetheless, he keeps coming in because he loves working with animals, the fun team, and of course the friendly faces that come in the door.

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